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"I just can't believe it, you two. 'Specially you Twilight, filly foolin' with Rainbow Dash…" Applejack struck the two with a hard gaze.
"Hey, that's not a very nice thing to say…" Dash said defensively.
"Well it's true ain't it?"
"Yes, she's a mare, but I love her with all my heart " I don't care what any of you think." Dash said, wrapping a wing around Twilight. "Come on Twilight, we're leaving." Dash said, storming out of the building along with Twilight.
"You guys are so mean… that wasn't very nice." Pinkie said with a disapproving look. "I don't understand why you don't like it so much, I saw them is afternoon and they seemed so happy, and that's great! Because when my friends are happy, I feel happy too! Now you've gone and made them sad…"
Applejack glanced away defiantly. She didn't at all enjoy the thought of two ponies of the same gender being together like that. For her, it just wasn't normal and she couldn't stomach the idea of it.

"I'm sorry Twilight…" Dash said once they head reached the library, closing the door behind her.
"It's not your fault. I don't blame Pinkie, she was just being herself after all."
"I know… anyway I'm sure they'll come around eventually. They were still be pretty harsh, but I guess that's just them." Dash frowned.
"Hey, don't worry about…" Twilight said.  "After all, we still have our whole future to think about."
"Wow, you really have this planned out don't you?" Dash said.
"Well, I guess I've got to have some kind of idea about what we're going to do. I am pregnant with a foal, and that's something you can't take lightly." Twilight said.
"So um, what are your plans?" Dash asked, throwing herself onto a nearby couch.
"Well… get married I guess."
"Wha… get married? What for?" Dash said, suddenly sitting up from her slouching.
"Dash you know we can't just stay marefriends forever. And anyway, you took my virginity and got me pregnant. I think that's reason enough for us to get married." Twilight said, in an unamused tone.
"Well you wanted it…"
"Dash, it doesn't change anything."
"This is all pretty new for me I guess… forgive my ignorance on these things. I've just never been in a relationship before."  Dash said, laying back onto the couch.
"I haven't been in one before either. Anyway, just hear me out. It's the proper thing to do." Twilight said, using her magic to pull a book of the shelf. "I didn't think I'd ever need to read this book, but I guess I'll have to now." Twilight opened the brown hardback book. Written in bold letters on the front it read "Family Planning- A Guidebook."
"Eh, I'll just go whatever you say. I don't understand these things." Dash said lazily.
All of a sudden, several quick raps on the door had broken the silence.
"I'll go get it." Dash jumped off the couch and opened the door.
"Oh umm, hello Rainbow Dash. I just wanted to apologize for Rarity and umm, Applejack a while ago." It was Fluttershy along with Pinkie, who had come to see the two.
"Oh its fine I guess." Dash said.
"Oh hi Dashie, I feel so terrible about what happened… I shouldn't have said anything."
"Don't worry you guys, it's not your fault, it's not anyone's fault."
"Who is it?" Twilight said as she approached the door. "Oh Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie…"
"Hi Twilight, sorry about that whole mess." Fluttershy said, lowering her head.
"Don't sweat it… hey, why don't you come inside, it's awfully cold out tonight. I'll go and prepare some hot tea." Twilight said, gesturing for the two to come in.
"So, what happened to them?" Dash said as she closed the door.
"Well, Applejack was still feeling real huffy about the whole issue. Rarity was indifferent I guess, but you could really tell she wasn't feeling quite impressed by you two being together." Pinkie said. "But hey, I'm real happy for you! I love to see friends happy."
"Thanks for your support, I mean, it really means a lot." Dash smiled.
"Well that's what friends are for! Well, some of them may be real meanies time, but they'll warm up eventually. With Applejack and Rarity, I guess they just need some time to face the music." Pinkie said, putting a hoof around Dash. "So don't worry about them!"
"Yes I think Pinkie is right… but I've always wondered how you two ended up together… I mean if you don't umm, mind… that is…" Fluttershy said.
"Eh well… I don't know. I told her Twilight how I felt for her and well, who would've known she liked me too." Dash said. "It's really that simple."
"Oh but Dashie how did Twilight get a baby?" Pinkie put an a huge grin.
"Don't you think that's a bit too private…" Fluttershy said, glancing at Pinkie with a disapproving look.
"Umm… well I won't go into the specifics, but…. Growing magic. Let's just leave it at that." Dash said, shooting Pinkie with a mischievous smile.
"Oh my…" Pinkie giggled.
"What's so funny?" Twilight said as she walked into the room, levitating 4 cups of hot tea in the air with her magic.
"Ah, it's nothing. Just Pinkie being herself as usual." Dash said.
"Oh, well…" Twilight levitated the cups onto the small coffee table in the middle of the library.
"So Twilight… what are you planning to do?" Fluttershy asked.
"I don't know yet… I was thinking we should get married. At least… that's what I think. The family planning book I read seems to be mostly aimed for couples who are already married." Twilight said.
"Oh my gosh that would be so awesome! That's so exciting! I've never been to a wedding before! Oh, and I can bring some cake, and muffins and all sorts of goodies it's going to be so wonderfully wonderful! Oooh, I can't wait!" Pinkie said, bouncing up and down excitedly.
"Heh…" Twilight could only smile at Pinkie's enthusiasm.
"Weddings are a very important thing." Fluttershy said.
"I don't see why…" Dash said, slowly sipping her tea.
"Well, you umm… you love Twilight don't you Rainbow Dash?"
"Of course I love her… I love her more than anything." Dash said. Twilight blushed a little and looked down at her hooves.
"Aw, well that's very sweet Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy said, smiling. "Well,  when you get married to somepony, they sort of become part of you… umm, I mean like, two become one. Well, that's how I'd describe it anyway. But it's a good way to uh, show you love someone a lot."
"Well, I guess I wouldn't mind." Dash said. "If it makes Twilight happy I'll go with anything." Dash said.
"So Twilight, how far along are you?" Fluttershy asked.
"How far? Oh, not long. We just visited the hospital today actually. He actually seemed surprised how fast I got pregnant." Twilight said. "I think it's only been what, a day? Well I read somewhere that the gestation period happens twice as fast in a unicorn than any other kind of equine."
"That's certainly interesting… "
"Yeah… check this out." Pinkie said, looking into a book. "The usual time from conception to pregnancy in unicorns is… wow that' fast… 9 days. For Pegassi, 9 weeks and for earth ponies, 11 months."  Pinkie tossed the book to Twilight, who caught it in mid-air with her magic.
"Wow just nine days? That's…"
"Unbelieveable!" Dash said. "They never taught us about this in school…. Or it could be that I just never paid attention in class, but that's another story.
"OH.MY.GOSH! I'm soooooo happy for you Twilight! You're going to be a mommy really, really, really soon!" Pinkie started jumping up and down again, bounding around the room gleefully.
"Well that's… a surprise. Maybe I should have gotten more into biology and equine anatomy, I never expected it to be that fast."
"Wow… this is quite a lot to take in." Dash said. "I mean I'm real happy but… I don't know if I'd know how to look after a foal."
"Don't worry Dash, we're always here to help you out if you feel overwhelmed." Fluttershy said.
"Yeah! I love looking after kids!" Pinkie said, grinning.
"Thanks guys, I appreciate all this."  Dash said.
"We just want to help you guys out." Fluttershy said. "Anyway, it's getting a bit late, maybe we should go home now."
"Oh, don't let us keep you up." Twilight said collecting the empty tea cups from the coffee table and levitating them to the kitchen.  
"Goodnight Twilight, goodnight Dash." Fluttershy said as she walked out the door.
"Yeah, see you guys soon I hope!" Pinkie said, skipping along and following Fluttershy out.

"Well… I guess it wasn't that bad eh"? Dash said.
"Oh no, of course not. Well, I'm just surprised how short a time we have to prepare. I read something in the book about getting maybe an ultrasound screening from the hospital, just to check if everything is alright with the fetus and everything." Twilight said.
"Uh… okay whatever that is." Dash said, shrugging.
"Oh Dash, you really are clueless aren't you." Twilight laughed.
"Not entirely…" Dash walked up to Twilight, nuzzling her neck.
"Mmm…" Twilight felt a tingling sensation all through her body.
"Everything 's going better than expected." Dash said.
"Yeah… well to be honest I wasn't planning this at all… I mean, I never planned to get pregnant. I guess I was just so caught up in my feelings, I didn't know what I was thinking when I told you to umm… you know… heheh…."  Twilight gave Dash a kiss on the lips. "I'm young and I make stupid decisions sometimes… but I don't regret this,"
"Well I don't either. There are some troubles but hey, I've still got you Twi." Dash said, kissing the unicorn back. "Did I ever tell you how perfect you are?"
"Dash…" Twilight blushed hard as Dash ran a hoof along her back. "I-I'm nothing special."
"Oh but you are! I mean, you're smart, and kind, a good friend… you're very, very beautiful…" Dash gazed long and hard into Twilight's purple eyes.  "And you're eyes are so wonderful."
"Oh Dash…" Twilight didn't really know how to respond. She's never been treated like this before, mostly because she staved off romantic advances from every colt she's ever met. But Rainbow Dash was no colt, she was gentler yet at the same time she had a sort of firmness about her resolve. She liked that in her. "You don't have to say anything fancy to please me, I love you anyway." She kissed Dash deeply, wrapping her hooves around the pegasus' neck. "Now, let's go to bed… we have a long day tomorrow." Twilight said, breaking off from the kiss and beginning to walk up to the loft where the bed was. Dash hesitated for a moment, watching Twilight's rump as she walked, her tail swishing lazily behind her, mesmerizing Dash as it swayed from side to side. Twilight looked back, once she reached the top of the first flight of stairs, noticing Dash studying her rump. The unicorn shot Dash a seductive glance, raising her rump slightly so that from where Dash was standing, she had caught a quick glimpse of the unicorn's private parts. Dash's face immediately went red, as Twilight made her way up to the bedroom.
The pegasus' wings instinctively went erect and she could feel her 'extra part' starting to tingle with arousal. Quickly, Dash rushed up the stairs to join her lover in bed.
Cover Art by :iconaeroytechyon-x:

The drama continues in A Twi and Dashie Show!

[link] <-- Previous Chapter

Next Chapter --> [link]
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Twily469 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:3 This is so so cute
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lovin it so far thats for sure!!
ZyxieRumor Featured By Owner May 26, 2012 it wrong for me to have a wingboner just from those word in the last few lines?
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I luv this whole book thing I read the whole thing four times
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I LIKE IT. I don't care what people say I love My Little Pony shipping.
If you don't like it then get the f**k out ;-D. Good work!
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I appreciate the positive feedback :D
Xevion21 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
I hate the fact this is getting trolled. This is actually really good and I admire the fact that you can make this like a drama. It's better then I could ever do. My stories are just action/sci-fi stuff nothing this advanced.
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. There's more on the way!
tn-scotsman Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good job. I liked this chapter a lot.

I did notice one typo you may want to correct. You have it as "The usual time from pregnancy to conception in unicorns is… wow that' fast… 9 days." Shouldn't that be conception to pregnancy? Or am I confused?

Still good chapter and I'm actually looking forward to where you're going to take this.
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woops, I'll fix that right way! Also, I wanted to make this series read a lot like a tv drama or something like that. It's not too serious, a bit comedic and a bit of sensuality added in for good measure. It's mostly going to be amount Twilight's pregnancy and how Dash deals with it
Rhias Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
I'm ashamed, fellow brony.
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, why?
Rhias Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
You obviously have enough time and thought to make ORIGINAL stories, why are you wasting all that time and effort on shipping ponies from kids' shows? ._.
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because I want to. I certainly love what I'm doing, and I will continue to do so not only because I like it, because people like the stuff that I write. It's certainly not wasted time and effort because this is my hobby, and I'm damn proud of the work I do.
It's my choice. If I want to ship them I'll ship them. If you don't like my work what are you doing commenting on it? I feel sorry for you because you're wasting your time commenting on something you don't like. Get a life man.
And for the record, this is an original story. HERP
Rhias Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
"If you don't like my work what are you doing commenting on it?"

Well, this IS Deviantart. If you didn't want feedback, why did you upload it?

"I feel sorry for you because you're wasting your time commenting on something you don't like. Get a life man."

Well actually, I have a life! Thanks for your concern I guess? And it doesn't take more than a few seconds-up to a minute maybe to comment on something. That's not really wasting my life, is it?

"And for the record, this is an original story. HERP"

You're using characters from a Hasbro show show that Lauren Faust made to make a fapfiction..
Where's the originality?

Also, you broke rule 1 of bring a brony, Love and Tolerate. I think you might just be a furry, not a brony.

That's just my opinion. :)
tn-scotsman Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I hate feeding obvious trolls, but I can't let this one go without saying something.

Yes this is dA and yes you are entitled to your opinion. However if you only comment is "I don't like it" and you have no real technical critique, then that might be an opinion best kept to yourself. Typically here on dA if you don't like something there should be a critique that would offer ideas of how to improve the work. Not just slamming it as a waste of time and talent.

This is his hobby and something he enjoys. Let him have it.

As for the love and tolerate rule, again we have yet another misguided soul that takes this idea to be "I can say whatever I want and you have to agree with me." Well, it doesn't really work quite like that. Love and tolerance is a two way idea. You need to love and tolerate the work and the defense of the work and we will love and tolerate your opinion by not turning this into a typical internet name calling fight.
Rhias Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
Om nom nom.

Everybody assume more, please.
Just because you're getting off on the wrong foot with what I say, doesn't mean that's what I meant.
I'm not going to continue further here, because I actually have things to do.
I appreciate the fact that you're trying to defend a strangers' right over the internet and I'm sure you feel great about it, but you're not really in the position to do so. I'm not saying either of you are in the wrong for liking/doing that kind of thing, I'm just saying, I find it disgusting.
Does that mean I care if you continue?
Does that mean YOU should care if I care?
So why bother?
I was just saying what I felt.
And I'm no "Misguided soul" That takes that idea to be that way.
I never said anything like that. And you're obviously exaggerating.
So please, if you aren't going to use any fact in an argument over the internet (Obviously matters to you kind of folk :iconderpplz: ) Just go away, thanks. :)
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry if you don't like my work or what I do. You're certainly entitled to your own opinion. If you don't like this kind of fiction so be it. Thankyou for your input, but this is what I love doing and this is my hobby and I will continue to pursue it, regardless if you like it or not because quite frankly my friend, I wasn't born to please you.

1. It's not a fapfiction. There was no sexual activities involved

2. As far as the STORY goes, it is original, as it is not based off any episode from the show. The characters and setting are not original, however the STORY itself is.

3. YOU are the one who broke the loving and tolerating rule, as if you were a real brony you should have been mature enough to ignore this story if you know it really bothers you that much.
That is all.
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