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"Well sure, as if I'd turn them down! By the time they're school-aged I'll still be around here, not much else for more to do around Ponyville… or back in Manehattan for that matter."

"Thanks Cheerilee."

"You still need to tell me how that happened…"

"Right… maybe someday. Over coffee."

"You can tell me now. I'm on break for another hour and I'm curious as to how you kept two foals a secret from me, or why you would do that anyway?"

"Well it's kind of complicated…"

"Who's the father?"


"Rainbow Dash."

"What… how the…"

"And we're married."





"Andrea" Carina Sparkle & Midnight Spirit

Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash


The sun had just dawned over Ponyville. Even after many years, the town never really changed. The Apple family still ran the Sweet Apple Acres. Even Granny Smith was still ticking at 99 years old.
Of course, the other prominent residents of Ponyville still resided there. Pinkie Pie, the ever fabulous fashionista Rarity, Fluttershy, even Gilda remained, enjoying her position as manager at the Sugarcube Corner, having taken over the duties for the age Mr. and Mrs. Cake.
Of course, the circle of friends wouldn't be complete without Twilight and Rainbow Dash who, not surprisingly, opted to stay in Ponyville. Their foals, who weren't foals anymore of course, had grown up to be quite the shining reflections of their parents. Mothers being mothers though, Twilight still considered Andrea and Midnight her 'foals', to the former's delight and the latter's displeasure.
"Morning mom." Said Andrea, running a hoof through her hair in an attempt to untangle her bed mane.

"Hi baby, where's your sister."

"She's still asleep."

"And your dad?"

"Oh, he… I mean, she's still asleep as well."

"Oh come on…" Twilight sighed in frustration. "Well your food is on the table. Before you go don't forget to brush your mane and wash your face."

"Yes mom, I will." Andrea said, setting onto the bowl of oats immediately.
Today was going to be the first day at school and being the egghead that her mother had always dreamed she'd be, Andrea was very excited for this. Meeting new friends for the first time would be exciting, seeing as she and her sister were pretty much raised indoors, away from the gossiping and prying denizens of Ponyville. While it wasn't really an issue, the couple had decided it was best that things were kept on the low for now, especially seeing as it was quite a unorthodox relationship.
Now that Andrea and Midnight had reached school-age, there really wasn't any other choice.
"Do I have to go to school?"

"Yes, it's important. You tell her Dash."

"Yeah! Going to school is real um, important for you. You'll learn all kinds of stuff." Dash said, putting on a bad pokerface as Twilight glared at her.

"Anyway… eat your breakfast quickly! Look, your sister is already set to go." Twilight said. "And Dash, would you please try and be a bit more involved with your kids?"

"Well… I've been teaching Midnight how to fly. That counts doesn't it?"

"Sure it does but, well there are other things you can do. I shouldn't be the only one who makes sure they get up early on weekends for school. They're your responsibility too, especially Midnight."

"Yeah ok, fine." Dash kissed Twilight on the neck.  "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, but please, try and take some initiative." Twilight said.
Around her neck on a black string topped with a simple decorative bead. Attached to the end was a cyan feather. Dash had given it to her a long time ago, when the fillies were born. It was still in perfect condition and to an extent; it reminded Twilight that even though Rainbow Dash could be super lazy and ignorant, she still loved her. The pristine condition of the feather around her neck was somehow symbolic of their relationship through the 13 years they had been together.

Andrea's voice had snapped Twilight out of her momentary daze.

"Oh… uh, yeah." Twilight laughed.  "Spike!"

"Yeah." The dragon called out from a distant corner of the library.

"Can you please escort Andrea and Midnight to the school."

"Whatever…" Spike said as he exited the recently built second room.  It had been necessary to build it as Spike certainly couldn't sleep in the girl's room, nor could he stay in Twilight and Dash's room anymore because the couple, like all others, needed a degree of privacy. So a small room had been built for the dragon who, even after so many years, was more or less still the same size. Perhaps half a foot taller, but that was the extent of his growth.

"Thank you Spike." Twilight said, smiling.

"Hey, it's no big deal." With that, the purple dragon ushered the two fillies out the door, closing it firmly behind him.

"I wonder how their first day will go."

"Don't worry about it Twi, I'm sure it'll be fine!" Dash said, putting a hoof around Twilight.

At the outside of the building, Cheerilee stood waiting. She had remembered Twilight telling her the other day that now that her two daughters were school-aged, she'd be sending them off to start as soon as possible.

"Hello Spike."

"Hi, Twilight asked me to come by with them. Take care of them will you? She'll tan my hide if anything happens to her daughters."

"Oh don't worry Spike, I've been doing this for years. Uh, come in girls." Cheerilee said, motioning for the two fillies to enter. "Tell Twilight everything will be just fine. I'm sure they'll fit right in."

"Ok then. I guess I'll be off." Spike said, walking off into the distance.

"Now everypony, since it's just the beginning of the year, we're all new. Today we'll take this chance to get to know the ponies around you."
The voices of the various fillies and colts filled the room in conversation. Andrea wasn't quite sure what to do, seeing as she wasn't really around other
ponies besides her parents.

"Hi what's your name?" Came a voice nearby.

"Who? me?" Andrea asked gingerly.

"Yeah you…"


"I'm Pumpkin Cake."

"Oh um," Andrea looked to the side to her sister who was already eagerly engaged in a conversation with another pegasus.  "My name is Andromeda Carina Sparkle but you can also call me Andrea."

"Oh that's cool! It's so nice to meet you!"

"Yeah I guess."

"I have a brother too! His name is Pound Cake. Do you have a brother?" asked Pumpkin.

"Actually I have a sister. Her name is Midnight, she's over there." Andrea said, gesturing toward her left.

"Oh well that's great! I'd love to get to know you guys."

"Yeah." Andrea smiled.

"Okay, I hope you've gotten a chance to familiarize yourself with everypony else…" came the voice of Cheerilee.

"Hey it was nice talking to you, come and see me outside after school, and you can introduce me to your sister."

"Sounds like a good idea." Andrea replied.

"We can be friends." The other unicorn giggled.

"How do you think they're doing?"

"Oh stop it." Dash said.  "I'm sure they're doing fine! No need to worry so much."

"I'm just concerned that's all."

"Concerned? What for? Don't you trust Cheerilee? What's the worst that could happen…" Dash said, planting a kiss onto Twilight's neck. The unicorn shivered, pressing herself against Dash's body.

"Well I guess you're right."

"Yeah, of course I'm right." Dash said smugly.

"Speaking of which… what are we going to do for our 14th wedding anniversary?" Twilight levitated a bottle of cider and opened it.

"Well… to be honest, I don't really have a clue."

"I want it to be something special." Twilight said as she poured each of them a cup of cider.

"Weren't out other anniversaries special?"

"They were special, but I want this one to be extra special." Twilight sipped at her drink.

"Oh?" Dash did likewise, taking a large swig of the cider. "Woah, this stuff is… ugh, strong."

"Why, don't you like it?" Twilight said, brushing Dash's rump with her tail.

"Oh Twilight… heh, what are you trying to do?"

"Well Dash, now that the kids aren't around the house 24/7 we have some time to ourselves."

"Implying?" Dash said, intertwining her tail with Twilight's.

"Well you know…"

"Am I hearing this correctly? Is this Twilight Sparkle asking me for… ahem…"

"Why, we're married aren't we?"

"Good point…" Dash said, kissing the unicorn on the lips.

"Yes it is…"
The two quickly finished their drinks and quickly headed upstairs.

The school day passed rather quickly and before too long, the class had been dismissed for the afternoon. Andrea quickly got up and headed for the exit.

"Goodbye Andrea, see you tomorrow. Tell your mom I said hi." Said Cheerilee as the unicorn walked past her; Midnight following not too far behind.

"I'll do that." She smiled, before continuing on her way.

"Hi Andrea!" Pumpkin chimed from behind her.

"Hello. Oh, Midnight…" Andrea nudged her sister.  "This is Pumpkin Cake."

"Oh hi there!" Midnight said excitedly. "I'm Midnight Spirit, I don't know why I'm called that, but I just am. I'm Andrea older sister, older by 5 minutes that is. But anyway…"

"Ooh, how interesting to meet you Midnight." Pumpkin beamed. "You such an amazing mane!"

"Yeah I know! It's totally awesome right?" Midnight gloated.

"Wow, I never knew you had such a cool sister."

"I guess you could put it that way…"

"I wish we could hang out more but, me and my brother have to get home early. But I'll see two at school tomorrow!" Pumpkin smiled brightly. "Anyway, bye girls."

"Interesting friend you got there." Midnight nudged Andrea.

"Well she seems nice and all, but I really just met her."  

"Well she seems nice. Someone who finally appreciates my talent! Wow, first day at school and already ponies love me, hah!"

"Whatever… look there's Spike." Andrea pointed out the purple dragon walking toward them slowly.

"Hi girls, ready to go?"

"Yeah." They both replied.
Further off in the distance, the unicorn Pumpkin Cake walked along with her brother.

"Did you see meet that pegasus Midnight? She's so cool."

"Oh uh, I may have talked a bit to her." Pound Cake looked down at his hooves as they walked.

"I know right? And heh, she's such a cutie as well!"

"Uh oh, here we go again…" Pound Cake rolled his eyes as they entered through the front door of the Sugarcube Corner.

"Hi Auntie Gilda."

"Oh hey there kids, how was school?"

"Oh it was great Auntie Gee, I met this totally awesome pegasus, her name was Midnight! And you know what, she was so totally… KEEYUWT."

"Midnight?" Gilda raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that Twilight's daughter?"


"Nothing nevermind, that's nice." Gilda laughed. "Pumkpin a unicorn, and Midnight the pegasus? It's happening all over again."

"Here we are, home sweet home. Your mom and dad are in their room if you want to go see them." Spike said, closing the door behind him.
Meanwhile upstairs, there was some shuffling behind the closed bedroom door.

"Heh, sorry Twilight."

"Nevermind…" the unicorn used her magic to splash some water onto her face. "Next time, try not to get it into my eyes. Can't you aim your…"

All of a sudden the door had opened, cutting Twilight of mid-sentence.

"Hi mom!" Andrea said, walking up to Twilight.

"Oh, you're here already! How's my baby girl?"

"I'm fine." Andrea said. "Hi dad."

"Hey there. How'd school go for you?"

"It was ok."

"Yeah, the ponies at school find me real awesome!" Midnight said.

"They do now? That sounds great!" Dash smiled. "Did you meet any new friends?"

"Well, there was this unicorn I met." Andrea said. "I believe her name was Pumpkin Cake, she was real talkative, but she seems nice."

"Oh… I see you've met Mr. and Mrs. Cake's daughter. Did you hear that Twi?"

"That's wonderful." Twilight walked out of the toilet, closing the door behind her.

"Auntie Gilda works for her parents over at Sugarcube Corner, and so does Auntie Pinkie Pie."

"Wow that's cool." Midnight said.

"Yeah…" Andrea narrowed her eyes for a moment. She walked closer to Twilight and looked up to her. "Mom… you smell weird."

"Oh uh…" the lavender unicorn glared at Dash. " It's nothing. I don't smell anything, do you smell anything?"

"It must be the wind!" Dash said, smiling awkwardly.

"Oh… ok then." Andrea shrugged. "I love you mom. I'm going to go study downstairs."

"Eh… I'm going to go practice my flying outside. By dad… and mom." Midnight soon left, shutting the door behind her.

"Hey why are you looking at me like that! It's not my fault…"
Twilight simply shook her head and laughed.
"A Twi and Dashie Show"

EDIT: New cover art by :iconaeroytechyon-x:
The Real Equestria focuses on the personal lives of Andromeda "Andrea" Carina Sparkle and Midnight Spirit, the daughters of Twilight and Rainbow Dash.
While still TwiDash, there is more of a focus on the two fillies rather than just straight out TwiDash all the way through. It will also introduce some interesting new ships that might even pick up with the dA community as a whole, but I digress.
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Always a joy to read your stuff. A few spelling mistakes, but otherwise this was amazing! Your potrayal of all of the characters is very good, and you can certainly tell the difference between the personalities.
You certainly have a talent for My Little Pony yuri. I'd love to see even more stuff from you, no matter what it is. You are a very talented writer, and I think you'd suit writing human yuri too. Ha ha ha, that'd be VERY interesting.
Anyway, I think you are a very good writer, and I can't wait for more of this, to be honest!
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
5 out of 5 deviants thought this was fair.

I love the concept you are going with here and I love what you have already set up in just one chapter. Very, very impressive.

The new style of writing you mentioned to me is good. However, I personally like to see a little more white space in conversations. Jut a little easier on the eyes, in my opinion, and easier to see who is talking. For example:

"Well sure, as if I'd turn them down! By the time they're school-aged I'll still be around here, not much else for more to do around Ponyville… or back in Manehattan for that matter."

"Thanks Cheerilee."

"You still need to tell me how that happened…"

"Right… maybe someday. Over coffee."

Another thought is the 13 years later bit. That feels like a really long time to me. The foals are 13 and just going to school? Twil was 18 when she had them, so Twi only had 5 years of school? I think the number may be a bit too high. I would think maybe 5 to 8 at the very max. Remember, you said they had been kept indoors for the most part of that time. Twi should know the value of meeting new people and making friends. Keeping them isolated for 13 years seems a bit much.

Other than that, there were a few grammar errors, but nothing major.

I really like the idea and this whole world you are setting up. The vision of your stories is fantastic and each story is getting better and better.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
18 out of 19 deviants thought this was fair.

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