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The night had just fallen over Ponyville. Shops began to close, doors began to shut and lights began to flicker on all around the small town. At Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack and her brother had just returned from the orchards and were returning to a well deserved rest.
The Carousel Boutique had just closed for the day, it's ever fashionable owner seeing off it's last customer.
Over in the Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie had finished replacing all the cooking utensils back on the shelves, counted all the money, and was about to finally place the 'Closed' sign outside the door.
Not too far away, in a treehouse-library, a certain unicorn and pegasus were snuggling up in a warm bed.
"I sure do love you Twilight." Dash said as she nuzzled the unicorn.
"Heh... you tell me that all the time." Twilight replied, nuzzling Dash back.
"Yeah well... I mean it. You drive me crazy Twilight, cause you're just so hot." Dash said.
"Hahaha, well that was a nice way to put it." Twilight giggled, giving Dash a playful nudge.
"Well I'm expressing myself the best way I can. I want, no, I need to see you and feel you next to me." Dash said, embracing Twilight.
"Why do you love me Dash?" Twilight said, idly stoking her own mane.
"Because... you're just so... um... pretty." Dash said gingerly.
"Oh Dash." Twilight laughed. "That can't be all?"
"No, no... I mean, I also love you cause you're really smart and um, kind and nice and uh, and you're talented at magic and uh... other stuff like that." Dash said, tripping over her words.
"Fair enough... are you really tired? As in, about to fall asleep?" Twilight asked.
"Huh? Nah not really." Dash said.
"Well then, I got some questions that I got to ask and I hope you can come up with the answers babe." Twilight said, kissing Dash tenderly on the lips.
"Oh? Well go on then!"
"I mean... you may say you love me but, do you really mean it? It's easy to love me now, we're living together in this nice house, I get lots of free things from the Princess like how this house is tax-free, I get quite a large sum of Bits for allowance but what if I was down and out, living in a plain old house and struggling to pay the bills, would you still have love for me?"
"Twilight, you don't have to ask that. Of course I'd love you, no matter what our financial situation. I may not know a lot, but I know that love is sticking to that special somepony through whatever." Dash said.
"If I wasn't Princess Celestia's personal student because I cooked hayfries at the local fast food stand, would you be ashamed to tell your friends your seeing me?"
"Why would I be ashamed of seeing such a beautiful mare like you? I don't care if you're a minimum wage gardener or a dung shoveller at Sweet Apple Acres." Dash wrapped a hoof around Twilight. "I don't care! I'll tell them and I'll tell them good. If they don't like me being with you then I'm better off finding new friends cause if they were real friends, they'd accept my choices and who I want to be with."
"Oh, you're so sweet." Twilight said, smiling.
"Of course I am." said Dash in a smug manner.
"How about if... I was with a walking around town with a colt and somepony happened to see, and when you asked me about it I said it wasn't me. Would you believe me? Or up and leave me?"
"Would I believe you? Uh huh, I'd believe you. How deep is our bond if that's all it takes for you to be gone."
"You really thought about that didn't you?" Twilight said.
"Not really. Just saying what I feel... just like you always told me to Twi." Dash said, moving her face closer to Twilight's. "I want to be with you forever. I love you like Pinkie Pie loves parties, like Rarity loves them gems, how Fluttershy loves those animals like... a fat kid loves cake."
"Oh Dash, you can be so funny sometimes." Twilight laughed.
"I know right? I love your smile and I hate to see you cry..." Dash said, wrapping her wings around Twilight.
"Thanks. I love you Dashie." Twilight said, smiling contently as she enjoyed the warmth of the pegasus' wings.
"I love you too Twilight. So... did I pass your little test?"
"I'd say you proved yourself." Twilight said.
"It's just that... I always expected you to be the type that'd... no offence, be going around with all types of other mares. I mean... I'm nopony important, just a unicorn from a simple family in Canterlot." Twilight said.
"Yeah well you're special to me." Dash said. "And I want you to know that no matter what happens I'll always love and you're in my heart wherever I go." Dash gently kissed Twilight.
"Heh, I didn't know you could be so sweet..." Twilight said, Dash's kiss sending a shiver up her spine.
"I can when I want to." Dash said. "Trust me when I say that you're my only one forever."
"You really are the Element of Loyalty." Twilight said, smiling as she closed her eyes."
"Of course I am. And I'm loyal to you, don't ever forget that baby girl." Dash whispered into the unicorn's ear. And with that, the two ponies began to slowly slip into a contented sleep. Outside, the Luna's moon was at it's highest, shining brightly in the star filled sky as it cast it's delicate rays through the windows of the treehouse library and onto the two ponies.
A short little TwiDash piece based on the song "21 Questions" while you wait for 'A Twi and Dashie Show' Chapter 6 which isn't fucking ready cause my OCD refuses to let me publish such a rough piece. I may even rewrite the whole thing if I feel it, but that's unlikely. Just wait patiently. This is my gift to you for Chapter 6 taking so long. Enjoy!
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gurorichi Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Student Filmographer
Love it.Always been a fan.Of what?TwiDash-Hiishirikuu's TwiDash stories.I love TwiDash.
yayayayayala Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
NinjaBladezz Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
Truly dedicated TwiDash author is truly dedicated. xD

TwiDash shipping is BEST shipping.
prealf54 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Student Artist
XenofireTrue Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
This is fantastic, very heartwarming :D TwiDash are best pony couple ^_^
xXiaoDrag0n Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Dude, isn't your avatar from :iconderpiihooves:'s TwiDash Flight Scene Of Friendship? It's my Desktop and Mobile Phone Wallpaper too! :iconbrohoof1plz:
XenofireTrue Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
I'm not sure where this picture originated from personally, i was browsing TwiDash pictures from multiple sites and i found this one and just loved it right away ^_^ They look so adorable together.
fluttershy4455 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is nice...
HNNNNNGHHH Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nice twidash fic
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
HNNNNNGHHH Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
No problem brony.
kimaru222 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012
Like your Twi/Dash stories but is there any chance you could just put a line between your speech line.
"so that it looks like this"

"and is much easier to read"
Please keep up the good work look forward to your next story
MonsterTheDragon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Jleicester231 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
awww. thats soo cute.
ItzTatiii Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Student Writer
Jleicester231 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn. i couldn't resist and clicked the link.
ItzTatiii Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Student Writer
olihmajor Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012
Good job!
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