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"Time is up. Hand in your papers now." came the metallic voice of the watcher droid at the front of the clasroom. The students walked up to the five foot tall robot, handing in their slip of paper before exiting the room.
"What's wrong Calamity?" the peach colored pegasus looked back at her friend with a worried look on her face.
"I dunno... I don't think I did very well..." Calamity replied, trying his best to keep a straight face. "You know what happens to ponies who fail right?"
"Don't be so ridiculous. I'm sure you did fine." the peach colored pegasus handed the slip of paper to the robot who immediately scanned and it put it aside, a green 8-bit smiling face appearing on it's screen.
Calamity looked at his paper. His gaze drifted up to the towering robot.
"Hand in your paper." there was no emotion in the voice, which frightened Calamity even more. Slowly, the pegasus handed the paper to the robot who scanned it.
"Below par results detected. Student number 05514, Calamity, report to the Disciplinary Action Room immediately." A red frowning face had appeared on the robot's face. Slowly, Calamity walked toward the room marked as 'Disciplinary Action.' He had heard stories about the place, but never had he ever experienced it. In Cloudsdale, at least, THIS Cloudsdale, hardly anyone ever failed their final tests. Today, the pegasus was part of the 0.5% failure rate.
"Calamity, it has been detected that your final results equals to 74%. The acceptable rating is 75%. You have been failed." Another metallic voice broke the silence as the door to the Disciplinary Action Room slide silently shut.
Underneath him, the floor began to rumble.
"As per local government policy, all failures are to be sent immediately to the Spectra-9 facility."
"Wait, what?" Calamity's heart began to pound faster and faster as the floor below him began to open, revealing a massive tunnel.
"Where are you taking me? Somebody, help!" The grey pegasus began to pound on the door, screaming and shouting as the floor opened wider and wider.
"Relocation to Spectra-9 will begin immediately. Thank you, and have a nice day." Calamity's screams echoed as he fell into the blackness of the tunnel...




My Little Pony

Written by RainowDash343


"This is soooo boring, where are we going anyway?" Dash said as she stared idly at the ceiling.
"Apalapucia!" The Doctor proclaimed as he adjusted a knob on the TARDIS' console.
"Wha... where? Apple what?" Dash said, narrowing her eyes.
"Apalapucia." The Doctor repeated without looking back.
"Oh, nevermind." Dash said as she lay back down.
"Oh, you'll love it! It's a paradise planet. In Apalapucia, it's vacation time all year long! I think it's time we got a break." The Doctor said.
"I've been looking to have a break." came the voice of Twilight as she exited the main TARDIS corridor.
"Oh hello Twilight. I was just telling Dash here, we're on our way to Apalapucia to have an amazing holiday!" The Doctor put on a wide smile as he looked at the monitor on the console. "Only 3 minutes till we reach our destination."
"Apa... apa... apa where?" Twilight asked, looking every bit as confused as Dashw as earlier.
"Oh nevermind it, you'll just end up getting confused and where's the fun in that? Just relax." The Doctor said, sitting up on the TARDIS console. "And we can... ugh!" The Doctor recoiled from the console, his rump having accidentally pushed a button. The whole TARDIS began to shake violently as the trio rushed to hold onto something.
"Oh dear Celestia, not this again!" Dash said as she grabbed onto the handrail that bracketed the console area.
"No need to worry Dash, I've got it all... under... control..." The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver from it's dock on the TARDIS control panel before pointing it toward the stabilizer. The device emitted it's trademark, high pitched trill and green light. The switch flipped down to it' 'active' position and suddenly all was still once again in the TARDIS. A few extra bumps punctuated the few moments of silence before the hoarse grinding of the TARDIS' engines indicated that the vehicle had landed.
"Well, we're here!" The Doctor said, already heading for the doors.
"Wait up!" Dash said, as she picked herself up from the ground.
"Oh well, at least we get to have a vacation somewhere nice and exotic!" Twilight said.
"I hope so." Dash said as she followed The Doctor.
"Hmmm..." The Doctor rubbed his chin with his hoof. "Something's not quite right here..." he sniffed the air.
"Uh oh..." Dash said, as she looked around.
"The air smells different..." The Doctor said as he looked around.
The three were in a large room filled with crates. The floor was a bland grey, made of cast iron. The windows in the room consisted of small portholes around the ceiling, letting in fiery orange rays from an afternoon sun.
"I don't like this at all... are you sure we're in App... eh, wherever that place is called?" Dash said.
"Well knowing The Doctor..." Twilight mumbled.
"Look guys, there's a door over there. Let's go have a look what's outside." said The Doctor. "Come on you two."
"Here we go again." Dash said as she followed The Doctor hesitantly. Twilight only shrugged her shoulder as she followed the two.

"Have any of you guys seen Calamity?" said a peach colored unicorn mare.
"Oh, hello Aegis. No, I haven't seen him since yesterday."
"Oh..." Aegis looked up nervously. "Well, tell me if you see him?"
"Sure thing." replied the white pegasus before her.
Aegis hadn't seen Calamity since the other day, and she was starting to get worried about him. Perhaps he had gone home? Left town? But what for? Aegis paced around the large enclosed town square. It's reinforced glass roof let soft rays of orange into the square below, warming her back.
"Ah, hello, can I get some directions?" came a voice from in front of Aegis. The startled pegasus looked up to see a handsome light brown earth pony with very well kept hazel nut hair and blue eyes.
"Huh?" Aegis didn't know what else to say to the stranger, who had now been joined by two others; a lavender unicorn and a cyan colored pegasus with a rainbow mane. "Who are you?"
"Oh, how rude of me. I'm The Doctor. This Rainbow Dash and Twilight." the two behind him simply put on awkward smiles. "I've never seen this part of Apalapucia. Tell me, is it a new hotel? A mall perhaps?"
"Where?" Aegis' gaze drifted across the three strange ponies.
"Oh come on... how can you possibly not know? You work here, right?" The Doctor said, looking around at the glass skyline.
"Uh excuse me..." Twilight spoke. "I think he meant to say is, where are we exactly?"
"Where are we?" Aegis tried to hold back a fit of laughter. "Where are we? Where have you three been living? Under a rock?"
"No really, we're clueless." Twilight said, gingerly.
"Hah, comedians are you? Oh well. We're in Cloudsale, where else could we be? Look around you, the epitome of two-thousand years of pony civilization."
"Wait... two-thousand years? Talking about years, what year is it right now?" The Doctor said, finally snapping back to his senses. "And... Cloudsdale? It seems we're further off course than I originally thought..."
"Lost travelers are you? Eh, fair enough. The year is 2145, November 2nd."
"THIS is Cloudsdale?" Dash said, looking around and trying to take it all in. Around her were large metallic structures, houses, offices and buildings. Gone were the archaic cloud floors, which were replaced by a cast iron floor and reinforced steel. "This looks nothing like the Cloudsdale I know."
"What do you mean by that?" Aegis asked, perplexed.
"The Cloudsdale I know was wide and open with cloud homes and cloud floors. Everything's just turned into steel and glass now."
"Surely you must be joking... cloud structures haven't been used in Cloudsdale for well over a hundred years." Aegis said.
"Oh..." Dash continued to look around, seeing if there was anything she recognized.
"The only thing left of the old city is Spectra-9. Back in the day, everybody knew it as the weather factory. That's where they send people who don't qualify for proper jobs." Aegis said, hanging her head low. "I fear that's what's probably happened to poor Calamity."
"Hmm?" The Doctor's ears immediately perked up. "Why, what's happened to Calamity?"
"Well you see, yesterday we had our final examinations in school, before we're allowed to enter the Academy for Advanced Flight and Theory. And after that... he just disappeared." Aegis said.
"That's interesting...." The Doctor said. "Hmmm..."
"Uh oh, it's that look again." Dash pointed out.
"This can't possibly mean anything good for that vacation." Twilight groaned.
"Doctor..." Dash said. "You've noticed something haven't you..."
"Maybe... I don't know yet. Uh, what's your name miss?" The Doctor said to Aegis.
"Ah, I'm Aegis Fleethoof." She said, nodding. "And you? You still haven't told me your name. Doctor... who?"
"Just call me... The Doctor. I prefer it that way." The Doctor smiled.
"Whatever you say Doctor..."
"So... tell me more about your friend Calamity." The Doctor asked.
"Well, he disappeared yesterday. Some rumors have been floating around and he flunked his test, and that they sent him to work at Spectra-9... it scares me to think about it really..." Aegis shivered.
"Why? What's so bad about this... Spectra-9 place?" The Doctor said, his curiosity piqued.
"That's just it. Nopony really knows. I hear it's a self contained facility. The only ponies I ever see entering are those creepy social security droids." Aegis gestured toward a statue-like humanoid figure standing in the corner. "The ones in the streets enter at night only to be replaced by different ones. The local government council pretty much has this place on lockdown."
"I see..." The Doctor narrowed his eyes as he gazed across toward the dozens of ponies walking around on the streets.
"You're planning something aren't you..." Dash said nervously.
"Look, you don't have to come if you don't want to." The Doctor said. "I'd really like to look around some more. You and Twilight can go back into the TARDIS and wait for me there."
"What if something happens to you?" Twilight said.
"Don't worry, I think I can manage. Anyway, Miss Fleethoof, it was nice to meet you but I'll be off." The Doctor put on a hearty smile and shook her hoof before walking off.
"Eh... he's just like that." Dash said.
"Who is he anyway?" Aegis asked.
"It's a long story, and you probably wouldn't believe us if we told you anyway." Dash said. "We have to go too, it was awful nice meeting you."
"Yes, a pleasure!" Twilight said.
"Off to the TARDIS. Let's go Twilight." Dash said, ushering Twilight along.
"Strange ponies..." Aegis thought to herself as she watched the two walk off.

The Doctor had hustled his way through the crowd and had found himself in a secluded alleyway. He looked around to check if anyone was watching before proceeding to use his sonic screwdriver on a nearby door. Above it read a sign; "Main Engineering."
He stepped in, carefully closing the metal door behind him. The inside of the room consisted mainly of four very large cylindrical structures. The Doctor walked up to one of them, placing his head against it.
"Turbines..." he said to himself. "Now, if I can find this Spectra-9 facility..." The Doctor continued carefully, staying in the shadows as much as he could. Ahead was a small unoccupied office. He entered the room quickly before shutting the door.
"Now... blueprints, plans, maps..." The Doctor rummaged through the heap of papers that were scattered on the single iron desk, carefully scanning the text for vital information.
"Here we are..." The Doctor pulled out a single piece of paper, holding it in front of him triumphantly. "Let's see here... hmmm.... it appears to be a map of the ventilation system and surely enough... yes, I see. We can reach this infamous Spectra-9 facility by following this route..." The Doctor got onto his stomach and used opened a loose ventilation shaft with his sonic screwdriver. He wormed his way in through the tiny space, hoping he wouldn't get stuck, or it would be the end of him in the tiny crawlspace.

"I'm telling you, I'm worried about him. He's going to get himself into trouble as usual." Dash said as the two entered the door they came in from.
"Shhhh... I hear something... voices!" Twilight said, ducking behind a crate. Dash did the same, crouching beside a large wooden box.
"Command, this is team Bravo-Zulu. We've discovered an anomaly in storage facility D-2. It appears to be some kind of blue box but we can't seem to open it." came the voice of an unseen pony. "Yes, the droid has tried to open it with power tools but it won't budge. Anyway, we've sent a team to check out the other facilities. We'll have a team take this blue box away so logistics can have a look."
"Oh no, they're going to take the TARDIS!" Dash thought to herself. She looked across to Twilight. Her face was scrunched up as she tried her hardest to stop herself from sneezing.
"Don't, please don't!" Dash mouthed as Twilight's eyes began to water. "No!"
Twilight finally gave in, letting out a loud sneeze, kicking up a small cloud of dust.
"Who's there?" demanded the previously unseen pony, who had now brought himself into full view. He work a dark coat and part of his face was covered by metallic prosthetics. "You there, what are you doing here!"
The pony approached them and repeated the question.
"What are you doing here!" he raised a hoof at Dash. The hoof soon opened up, revealing the barrel of a weapon. "This is a government storage facility." The pony looked at Dash, and then to Twilight. "The punishment for trespassing in a restricted area is death!"
Title-card by :iconnoponyzone:

After an in-flight accident on their way to the paradise planet Apalapucia, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and The Doctor find themselves in Cloudsdale in the year 2145. But not everything as it seems, as a secretive local government pulls strings behind the scenes. What is the feared Spectra-9 facility, what purpose does it serve, and why are ponies being sent there against their will? The trio soon discover a sinister plot as they delve deep into the dark history of Cloudsdale. Can they survive the City of Death?
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AdrenalineAndSoma Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
I thought it was going to be a ponyfied version of the actual Doctor Who episode City of Death!=D (Which would be awesome.:la:)
But this was good.:)
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I wanted to stick to using episode titles from older Doctor Who stories so it doesn't seem to people like I'm just doing 'Ponified versions' of the new series which is lame. For the most part, I wanted to be something at least 90$ original and 10% borrowed elements and themes from Doctor Who both new and old. This story takes elements from the new series episode, 'The Beast Below' and the fanfic 'Rainbow Factory'.
AdrenalineAndSoma Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
I know, and this is very good! I really did like it! It's just did what I expected.:hug:
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Glad you enjoyed it!
rayman10000 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
so, "the beast below" meets "rainbow factory"?

Interesting, I'll be following this.
YourFavoriteSenpai Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Eeyup! Kudos for getting the references!
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