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There was a knock on the door of Applejack's room, but she was far too preoccupied to notice it. She had spent the whole night day moping as usual. Nothing could quite get through to her these past few hours, and she had been feeling worse by the hour. Though she promised herself that night she would tell Rarity, when the unicorn had finally arrived home she simply gave her the cold shoulder and left. The fact that she had not done it when she could have, no, should have, just left a dark cloud hanging over her head.  
"Applejack its Rarity, we really need to talk." Came the voice behind the door.
"Rarity?" Applejack quickly sat up. "Rarity? What the hay are y'all doin' here?"
"Applejack please, this is about last night. Please tell me what it was you… I know it's been bothering you and I just can't live with myself knowing I'm letting you destroy your life with misery."
Applejack opened her door and stepped aside to allow the unicorn in. Inside her room was plain and simple, just a drawer, a small mirror a bed and a single window that let the mid-day sun in.
"Now please Applejack, tell me what's really on your mind."
"Fine… well yah see Rarity… thing is, I've been strugglin' with this thing for a long time. And when I got heartbroken the first time round, I didn't want it to happen a second time. "
"What are you trying to say?"
"What I'm trying to say is, Rarity, that when you  were the one to come and comfort me, bein' the foolish pony that I am, I sort of felt a connection to you. I felt upset how Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were all supportin' Twilight and Rainbow Dash and I felt I needed some attention too! How selfish of me no doubt. "
"And so…"
"And so… I guess I felt that I needed you… needed you to be there for me and to feel sorry for me and… I guess what I'm really tryna say is… it sparked some feelings up inside me that I didn't know I had about you." Applejack lowered her head.
"Applejack, while I'm disappointed that you thought I wouldn't understand your feelings…" Rarity put a hoof around Applejack. "I know now how you really feel and it's good that you told me. I hope this means you can finally move on…"
"I can and… I'm ready to confront Twilight and Rainbow Dash and…. Apologize for bein' such a sour apple."
"That's good."
"But Rarity… how do you feel bout' all this?"
"Well… I'm not saying I disapprove. We're already good friends are we not? I'm not promising anything but let's just see how it goes, okay?"
"See how it goes?"
"Yes. Just… do whatever you feel is right and I suppose I'll go along with it." Rarity smiled. Outside, the midday sun had just reached its peak. Applejack looked thoughtfully outside as she considered all her options.

"Dash, please be careful with your daughter."
"Yeah I know, don't worry, I have this." Dash slid the tiny pegasus foal into the front pouch of her papoose. With that taken care of, she slowly walked up to the window of the room.
"You see that? One day you'll be able to fly like the wind, right out there in the open!"  
The tiny foal giggled a little, fluttering her fragile wings.
"Aw boy, you'll be one of the fastest things out ever, I can already imagine it." Dash looked down thoughtfully at the dark blue pegasus. She couldn't help but smile knowing that she came from her. She had created this tiny life when she made love to Twilight. To think it was all on a whim, and through and unplanned pregnancy. Twilight's willingness to see it through to its end was heartwarming. It reminded Dash just why she loved the lavender unicorn so much.
"So Twilight…"
"Yes, Dash?"
"I just wanted to say I love you." Dash blushed slightly before looking away.
"Oh you…" Twilight laughed.
"I guess being in love changes you."
"Suppose it does. I don't mind at all." Twilight sighed in contently, stroking the small patch of hair on Andrea's head."
"I wonder what happened to…"  there was a knock on the door.  "Huh, it must be Pinkie and the rest." Dash proceeded toward the door slowly, opening it with a single hoof.
"Hey guys you sure are…"
"Uh… hey."
"Applejack?" Dash recoiled a bit, confused as to what the earth pony was doing here.
"Dash who is it?" called Twilight from her bed.
"It's Applejack."
"Well then, let her in."
Dash did just that, fully opening the door to allow her inside.
"What brings you hear Applejack?"
"Well Dash, I just wanted to… you know apologize for havin' such a rotten attitude. It took a while to come to terms with what's been goin' on but… well here I am. Rarity suggested that, I ought to see you guys."
"Well I'm very glad that you're over it. I hate to see a friend so down because of me…" said Dash.
"No, no, no, it's not your fault Dash, or Twilight's fault. It's all my doing. I've been mopin' and moanin' and just gettin' myself down all this time. I was really selfish about this whole thing, thinkin' only bout' myself. I know you love Twilight, and it ain't her fault that yah do."
Dash put a hoof around Applejack. "Yeah well, it's no reason to beat you rself up about it. We're still great friends, and we'll always be great friends! Sure I'm married to Twilight now, and sure I've got extra responsibilities now that I have daughters to look after but ain't nothing going to change our friendship!"
"Thanks Dash." Applejack brightened up a little. "So uh, how are yah Twilight."
"Oh me, I'm okay. I'll be in the hospital for a few more days, with one last checkup."  Twilight said, holding her pale lavender unicorn close.
"Aw, she's looks just like you! An what's her name?"
"Well, her full name is Andromeda Carina Sparkle, but we just call her Andrea for short."
"Yeah, and this one's Midnight." said Dash. "She's a pegasus."
"That sure is a nice little family y'all got goin' on there. And Dash, I just noticed, are you wearing… a papoose?"
"So what? You don't expect me to carry her on my back all day do you?"
"I didn't say anythin' was wrong with it." Applejack laughed.  "So uh, what do you guys plan on doin'?"
"Well, what any family would. Bring our children to school, try to live a normal life. I guess that's it…"
"Yeah, what Twilight said. We don't want to take over the world just… do okay.  And with Twilight here with me, I think we can do the best we can." Said Dash.
"Yeah… best of luck to both y'all."  
For once, it seemed like there was an air comfort between the three. Things had not gone so smoothly between them and finally the tensions had eased up.  
The moment of quiet was interrupted by another knock on the door, followed by the entrance of other four friends.
"Everything went well for you I hope?" Asked Rarity.
"Yeah." Was all Applejack managed to say.
"What's important is you managed to put aside all those… hard feelings."
"Holding grudges over love?" Gilda chuckled.
"Not exactly… holding a grudge… well I think the lesson here really is that, t'aint right to let your jealousy get the better of you, 'specially if it gets to the point where it effects the precious relationship ya got with your friends."
"Well said Applejack. Now…  Pinkie's brought some excellent cake for us and I think we all treat ourselves to something other than drama for once."
"Cake? Oh yeah, I love me some cake! I am jonesing for something sweet!" said Dash excitedly.
Pinkie Pie carefully laid the box out on a nearby table before removing the cover to reveal a simple yet delicious chocolate cake. Rarity then removed several paper plates from one of her saddlebags and set it next to the box of cake.  The ponies gathered around the relatively small table, albeit with Twilight still in her bed.
Dash picked up a slice and placed it aside before getting another. She walked over to Twilight's beside and set it on the end table next to her bed.
"Thank you, Dash."
"No need to thank me, just doing what I do best."  Dash leaned in to kiss Twilight.
The little get together of the friends went well. Finally, an air of calm finally filled the once tense environment. The laughing, chatter, and simple joys lasted until late into the afternoon. Certainly, the magic of friendship had returned among the 6, and even brought in a new and unexpected relationship with the previously alienated Gilda.
Time went on and soon, the others had left the room, leaving the pegasus and the unicorn alone once again.
"Well, it sure is nice to have that out of the way." Dash sighed as she set down the tiny foal Midnight next to Twilight.
"Sure it is. I'm glad Applejack managed to get over herself." Twilight carefully stroked the mane of Midnight.
"Still, I find it pretty funny actually… Applejack having a thing for me? Now that's something. I'm not criticizing her, just saying it's out of character for her and all."
"What about you Dash? Falling in  love with that unicorn who lives in the library and is totally an egghead? Don't you think that's a bit out of character for you tough guy?" Twilight laughed.
"Yeah well… this is different."
"No, it's absolutely the same. I mean, just because you're all tough, hard-line, or whatever adjectives you have for yourself, doesn't stop you from loving me, who's completely the opposite of your personality."
"Heh… I guess you're right." Dash looked out the window and toward Ponyville. Night had just fallen and all the stars were out. It seemed as well that there would also be a full moon.
"They say, opposites attract." Twilight remarked.
"That's an interesting concept. Probably why I don't think it ever… clicked… with me and Applejack. I mean… we're very similar in many ways. I know for a fact that stubborn mare don't like to show emotions. And well… up until I finally got into a serious relationship with you, I didn't really like to either."
"Yeah… I noticed you're suddenly so sappy." Twilight giggled. "But all jokes aside, I agree you make a fine point."
"Well… maybe I wanna be sappy?" Dash extended one of her wings and shook it a little. A small blue feather came off it, landing onto her hoof.
"What's that for?"
"It's one of my feathers and you know, where I'm from its traditional to offer it to someone you care about very much… like a parent or sibling or best friend…  or love." Dash placed the feather right between Twilight's ear.  "They say, every part a pegasus including the feathers on their wings, is a part of their body, and has some of their life force in it. And when you give it to someone, it's like you're giving them a part of your body… trusting them with your soul, as it were." Dash smiled.
"Oh Dash…" Twilight teared up a bit.
"I thought we went over this already…" Dash said, leaning in to kiss Twilight on the lips.
She was silenced almost immediately, her tears being held back for the meantime.  "I like your smile and I don't want to see you cry."
"I'm sorry it's just…" Twilight looked down at the two sleeping foals by her side. "It's just that everything that's happened so far…"
"Oh come now, I thought I was meant to be the sappy one." Dash laughed.  
"Yeah I guess…" Twilight smiled.  
"What do you mean you guess?"
"I mean... yeah you're right. I'm a mom now and I guess I need to start acting like one."
"Yeah mommy!" Dash laughed. "Hey Twilight…"
"Yes kez sirum em."
"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Twilight.
"Means I love you, baby."
"Heh…" Twilight blushed. "Well… I don't really know much about my native language."
"Don't have to I don't mind." Dash smiled.
"It's just that…"
Beside her, Andrea the unicorn began to shift.
"Oh no, I hope we haven't woken her…" Twilight whispered.
The unicorn foal shifted again, opening her pale green eyes very slightly. She looked up to her mother with questioning eyes.
"Mommy." She repeated as best as she could with her tiny voice. The unicorn yawned before nuzzling the side of Twilight's stomach and falling back so sleep.
The two ponies looked at each other in silence, each one having a beaming smile on their faces.

The seventh and final chapter of 'A Twi and Dashie Show'

Look out for the sequel 'The Real Equestria' coming very soon!
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I shit you not, the absolute moment I read the end was the last two seconds of the Skrillex Orchestral Suite by Varien - Skrillex.

But aside that, this was truly a terrific ending to a terrific storyline (so far). Some of the quoting was somewhat fragmented, but otherwise it can be overlooked. The final resolve with Applejack and her inner feelings was also an added resolve to the plot, which only increases the true emotions that were conducted behind the story. All in all, well done.

I applaud you, and give my best hopes to your future work.

(Now listening to With You Friends (long Drive) -Skrillex)
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