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"Oh… Rainbow Dash… getting married? And to another mare too… hahahaha, well, if it's Wednesday then I'm definitely up for it." The voice on the other side of the line laughed. "Eh, well I'm still flattered you bothered to actually call me after well… that incident in Ponyville."
"Come on Gilda, you know I can't stay mad at you forever. You're like… the only family I've ever known. Skipping class, hitting the cider after school next to the lake…" Dash said, twirling the wire around her hoof.
"Okay queen lame-o, I'll be there. Anyway, I needed a change of scenery. New Saddle is too darned noisy anyway. Also, the laws here are lame, they're too strict. Because of that new act the mayor passed, the only place I can smoke is in my own home! What a bummer. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you for sure, and seeing what kind of mare you bagged yourself. "
"Gee thanks, gee." Dash said. "And to answer your question, I guess you could say she's the intellectual type."
"Oh the egghead type eh? Whatever floats your boat I guess? All jokes aside, congratulations. I'm real happy you decided to do something with your life unlike me. I'm just a professional slacker, working at some record company part time to set up audio equipment for obscure rock bands."
"Living the dream eh Gilda?" Dash laughed.
"Yeah, yeah, laugh it off dweeb. Anyway, I got work in about half an hour. Better get going before I get fired. Later."  With that, the griffon hung up the phone. Dash did likewise, placing it back onto the hook.
"That'll be 5 bits, Miss." The telephone operator said. Dash placed five coins on the counter and left the building.
"Sure took you a long time," Twilight said. "Are you sure bringing Gilda is a good idea?"
"Why not? I mean… she may act all bad-girl and all, but she's a good person at heart. She just doesn't let that side of her show." Dash said. "Anyway, how are you feeling?"
"I don't know… I feel different." Twilight said, rubbing her stomach which had grown at least an inch. "I feel fat. And don't say that's an improvement…"
"It's not like I have a problem with it…" Dash said. "So, what are we going to do today?"
"Today? Well… let's go look for some clothes I guess! The wedding is tomorrow… I'm sure um… we could go have a look at Rarity's boutique… I'm sure she's over it by now." Twilight said. "Come along…"
"Fine… ugh, shopping for clothes…" Dash said, following hesitantly.

Applejack awoke slowly. She rose out of bed and looked out, seeing the sun already out and it's bright rays bathing the town in its warmth. She didn't usually wake up this late, but things were just so confusing for her right now. What, with all this drama she couldn't really find motivation to get back to her old self. The strange idea her brain was sending through to her wasn't making anything better. At least when she was being jealous of Twilight things made sense. She couldn't quite work out what had been causing her brain to be so stupid and naïve. What was romance always so complicated for her? Rainbow Dash and Twilight seem to have it so easy… if only she could understand how they did it…

"Oh, well it looks like nopony's here at the moment." Twilight said sadly. "Well, I guess we could always…"
"Oh Twilight… Rainbow Dash…" it was Rarity, who had walked appeared behind the two ponies.  "What brings you here…"
"I… it's just that I wanted to..."
"Get some dresses? Sure come in! I just went to check on an order of fabrics at the shipping office down by the train station." Rarity said. "Anyway… um, look before anything I just wanted to say I'm sorry. It's just that, well, you know how I can be. You forgive me don't you?"
"Of course! That's what friends do." Twilight said.
"Right… so what can I do for you girls today?"
"As I said we're looking for some dresses." Twilight said. "Wedding dresses."
"Oh… you're getting married? My what an… um, a surprise. Well, I'm… I'm very happy for you two! I've got just the thing for you, follow me." Rarity said.
"Why, is something wrong?" Twilight said.
"Oh it's nothing. It's just that, it's very good news! I'm so happy that you've decided to tie the knot.  " Rarity said smiling.
"It's tomorrow. Maybe you could… turn up? I mean if you don't have any plans or, or…"
"Oh no it's fine! I'd love to go, darling. Seeing two good friends get married would be a delight.  You two seem so happy together." Rarity said, smiling.
"Oh, you don't know the half of it!" Dash said, putting a hoof around Twilight. "Did you know she's also pregnant with… twins?" Dash said proudly.
"Twins? Oh my stars darling, that's absolutely wonderful! How amazing!" Rarity exclaimed as she opened up a small backroom behind the counter.  
"Yeah, the doctor says they're not common around Ponyville, or Equestria for that matter." Twilight said.
"Yeah, and it's all thanks to me and my amazing…"
"Ah, I don't think she wants hear about that." Twilight said, elbowing Dash in the side.
"Ouch, okay sorry."
"Hmm? You were saying something?" Rarity said, poking her head out from the door.
"It was nothing." Twilight smiled. "Nothing at all."
"Oh ok… well here are those dresses!" Rarity pulled out a trolley with simple, yet well-crafted wedding dresses.
"Wow, these look really good!" Twilight said, browsing through them slowly.
"Bleh, wedding dresses. Can't I wear something else?" Dash asked.
"Hmmm… well come to think of it, I've got something I've got something both of you would like very much, without being too… well sappy if you want to put it that way."  Rarity said, going back behind the counter.  "Follow me you two." Twilight and Dash exchanged confused looks and without saying a word, followed Rarity.
"Yes… I think will be wonderful!" Rarity opened up a decorative wooden chest and pulled out an ornately decorated silver tiara. "I think this would suit you wonderfully dear." Rarity said, using her magic to levitate it onto Twilight's head, where it fit rather comfortably.
"Wow this is really beautiful." Twilight exclaimed.
"Yes and well, since I figured it's just a small ceremony, just a simple white lace dress would do perfectly for you." Rarity said, pulling that out of the chest for Twilight to see.
"Go ahead… try it on!" Rarity said excitedly.
Twilight did just that, slipping herself into the dress.
"See? It's simple yet beautiful." Rarity said confidently.
"You look amazing Twilight!" Rainbow Dash said, amazed at how well the garment and the simple accessory suited her.
"Thanks Dash." Twilight said.
"And for you Dash… hmm… how about…" Rarity searched around for a while, looking for something inside the box. "Aha. Not too girly, I'm sure you'll like it. " Rarity levitated a brilliant silver necklace from the box, a brilliant piece of lapis lazuli at its center.
"Cool!" Dash said, looking down at the bright blue rock.
"And for you Dash, I think this would be good." Rarity said, pulling out a familiar looking light blue saddle.
"Hey, isn't that the same saddle you made me wear, the first time I came around to Ponyville?" Twilight said.
"Oh, yes it is; with a few modifications. I removed most of those other little gems from them because they were too distracting. And also, they would be far too much work to mass produce if it ever went big, so for the sake simplicity, I just removed them." Rarity said, securing the saddle securely onto Dash.
"Ugh, don't you think it's a bit tight?" Dash said, gasping for breath.
"Oh don't worry you'll get used to. I doubt you're used to wearing this, so it's expected you'd find it tight. Anyway, I think it's very fitting that you're wearing this." Rarity said.
"I suppose so." Dash said, inspecting herself in the mirror.  "Not too bad I guess. At least it doesn't look all girly and stuff."
"Anyway, you can have all this for free, it's on me. I mean, it's the least I could do for being so insensitive." Rarity said sadly.
"Oh Rarity, you didn't have to…" Twilight said.
"Really, it's fine. I want you two to look your best for the wedding day. Nothing could please me more than to see two friends happy. You know me." Rarity's expression changed; one that beamed hope and happiness.
"Thank you Rarity… so much." Twilight gave the other unicorn a tender embrace.
"Don't mention it darling. I'm here for both of you, just ask, and I'll do my best to help you two out."  
"I will… speaking which, how is Applejack? I haven't seen her for some time…" Twilight asked.
"Well, she's been feeling… rather under the weather." Rarity said.
"Under the weather? Of all the things Applejack would be feeling, under the weather? She's not like that, I know her!" Dash said. "I don't think something like this would make her act this way. Is she really so against me and Twilight's relationship that's she gone totally out of character?"
"Well, it's more complicated than that. I'm not sure if I should be telling you this but…" Rarity looked up for a moment, thinking deeply. "Look, since you asked, I'm not going to tell you a lie. Applejack's been very, very upset. She's been confused, lost, angry, but most of all, jealous."
"JEALOUS?"  Twilight and Dash both responded.
"Yes, jealous." Rarity said, walking up to a nearby window and gazing out into the bright morning sun. "Well you see Rainbow Dash; the thing is she fancied you, to put it very frankly. And she was not the least bit happy when she found you were in a relationship with Twilight, and the that fact that you, well… had your way with Twilight and went as far as to impregnate her somehow… you can just imagine how the poor girl must feel."
"Applejack? Liking me?" Dash said, still in disbelief. "That's unheard of! I could never imagine that pony for one minute, liking another colt, let alone a mare like me."
"Applejack's always been good at hiding her feelings." Rarity said. "Anyway that's just how she feels about this whole thing. I wish I could help Applejack but then again, I'm a fashion designer not a psychiatrist. I had a chat with her yesterday, gave her a piece of my mind. I hope she really does take my words to heart, I'd hate to see her get herself into any kind of trouble."
"Neither would we." Twilight said, walking next to Rarity by the window. "After all she's still our friend no matter what."
"Yeah… I mean, she was being really mean and all, but nopony's perfect." Dash said. "We've shared some great moments together. I'd hate for this to become something that divides us… I'd really like to get a chance to talk to her and sort this whole mess out. "
"I know you two mean well, but I think the best thing for her right now is some time out. She'll come around eventually." Rarity said, the other two ponies nodding in agreement.  "Though I have to ask, if it's not too personal, how exactly… did you get pregnant?"
"Umm…" Twilight bit her lip.
"Of course I'll tell it! Well it all began one night…" Dash said, opening her mouth to relate to the white unicorn the couple's rather questionable first night together.

Applejack looked across the massive expanse of apple trees lazily, the shadows dancing as the leaves moved to and fro with the warm wind. The earth pony closed her eyes again, the image of Twilight and Rainbow Dash cuddling together in a bed burned into her memory. It hurt a lot, but what could she do. She leaned her head against the tree in front of her and sighed.
Before long, another dreaded thought had manifested into her mind, the same thoughts that had kept her awake the previous night. Those entrancing blue eyes, the soft touch of that hoof…
"Aggh, no!" Applejack cried out loud. She didn't want to think about her, but she was there. Every once in a while she would see her face, feel her touch, smell her scent… she hated it; she hated that her brain was leading her right into another disaster. With her heart already broken as it was, anything more would probably just make her drop dead.
She felt so alone. She knew the other pony was there to extend a helping hoof, but how could she ever confess such feelings? And would she still accept her? Applejack looked lowered her head and sighed.
"What do I do…"

"You two take care now." Rarity waved goodbye to the Twilight and Dash. The sun had just begin to go down, filling the sky with a brilliant red-yellow color.  "Don't worry about Applejack, she'll be fine. Just leave her to me, I'll talk some sense into her. She just needs some settling down."
"Ok, if you say so…" Twilight still held a look of concern on her face.
"Don't worry about Applejack, she's a tough pony. I'm sure in a couple of days, she'll be feeling fine. Now, let's get home and get you some dinner." Rainbow Dash said, still wearing her saddle. "Aren't you going to take that off?"
"What this? I kind of like it, makes me feel like a princess." Twilight said, opening the door to the library. She broke into a fit of laughter, prancing around like a young filly.
"Oh come on, aren't you a little old for that." Dash said.
"Rainbow Dash, there's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish, sometimes." Twilight said.
Dash started laughing herself. "Does the little filly want a piggy-back ride?" Dash lowered herself, gesturing with a head movement for Twilight to hop on.
"Yes please." Twilight said enthusiastically, slowly getting on top of the pegasus' back. She wrapped her hooves tightly around Dash's neck as the cyan mare trotted slowly around the main room. She started off slow but then picked up the pace a little, so much so that Twilight had to hold onto Dash tighter to keep her balance.
"How about we go flying outside?" Dash said, slowing her pace.
"Wow, really?" Twilight said with bright eyes.
"Sure, why not?" Dash said, opening the door. Once she had exited the library she went for a full gallop, picking up speed until she finally took off into the brilliant shade of dark blue sky. The pegasus took off into a straight line at first, picking up altitude until she was just below cloud level.
"This is amazing! Ponyville looks so small from up here!" Twilight looked around, taking in the sights from the dizzying height. Down below, little dots of light from the homes of the Ponyville residents were scattered along the landscape. Far ahead she could see high rising mountains capped with snow. These massive landmarks bracketed the green plains and forests that surrounded Ponyville, forming a natural border between the other, much bigger settlements. In the North was Canterlot with all its brilliant and majestic buildings. To the East and South-East were New Saddle and Hoofington, two of the biggest cities in Equestria. Finally to the South-West was the city of Manehattan, which was located on a massive island in the middle of a fairly large lake.
Dash zipped back toward the ground, skillfully swooping down onto the grass.
"Well how was that?" Dash said proudly. "Pretty awesome wasn't it?"
"It was great!" Twilight said, "I've never seen anything like it!"
"Well I'm glad you liked it." With Twilight still on her back, she walked back into the house, closing the door with her back hoof.
Twilight yawned, slumping down onto Dash's back. "I'm getting sleepy, can you tuck me in?" the unicorn let out a tired laugh.
"Of course I can." Dash said, starting her journey up the stairs. It was hard work, but for Twilight, she'd do anything.
"Here we are." Dash walked up to the side of the bed and lowered herself so that the unicorn could get off. Twilight rolled onto the bed and let out another yawn.
"Thanks Dashie." Twilight smiled, letting herself sink slightly into the soft bed.  Dash joined her on the bed, turning her body so that they were both face to face. Dash planted a kiss on Twilight's lips as she stared into her eyes, focusing on the enchanting violet color.
"Dash I… well I just wanted to thank you for everything." Twilight said, putting a hoof to Dash's cheek.
"There's no need to thank me." Dash said, smiling.
"But I… I just felt I should tell you how grateful I am for all this. I'm not a special pony, I'm not even the prettiest pony in Ponyville, I just stay in a library and read books all day and study… and you, you're such a daring, athletic pony who…"
"Twilight…" Dash pressed her muzzle against Twilight's. "You don't even begin to understand how I think of you. To me, oh… you are the most beautiful unicorn in all of Equestria." Dash planted a soft kiss on the lavender mare's neck. "And no matter what happens I'll love you forever, I promise."
"Dash…" Twilight could feel the tears that were welling behind her eyes. She tried to blink them away but the emotions were so strong. She had never been loved like this before. "Dash I…" she couldn't hold it in any longer. She let herself cry for her heart couldn't hold the feelings in.
"Aww, don't cry princess…" Dash said, "I want to see you smile." Twilight tried her best to blink the tears away and put on a smile.
"That's better." Dash embraced Twilight gently. "Goodnight Twi."
"Goodnight Dash." Twilight said, falling into a peaceful sleep in Dash's hooves.
Cover Art by: :iconaeroytechyon-x:

Fun Fact: I almost made myself cry writing the last bit. Manly tears were almost shed.

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Next Chapter -->[link]
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