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The sun had just begun to rise over Ponyville. Warm golden rays bathed the small town as the sounds of the roosters resounded on Sweet Apple Farm.  In the middle of the town lay a large tree library where a certain lavender unicorn and cyan pegasus had just began to stir.
Dash slowly opened her eyes. She yawned and rubbed he head with a hoof. Around her waist, Twilight's hooves were wrapped around her tightly, the unicorn still sleeping soundly.
"Psssst, wake up sleepyhead." Dash nudged Twilight awake. Hesitantly, she opened her eyes only to be met with Dash's face right against hers.
"Oh, Dash…" Twilight smiled weakly, still quite tired. Dash kissed her on the lips, running her hoof underneath the blanket and along the length of her back.
"Did you sleep well?"
"Yeah, I definitely can't wait for today!" Twilight said.
"Neither can I. I wonder if it's a girl or a boy."
"Heh, I guess we'll find out."  Twilight slowly got out of bed, running a hoof through her mane which had become frizzled overnight.  "We still have some time before the hospital opens, no need to sweat it."
"Hey, who's sweating it?" Dash said, climbing out of the bed.
"What would you like for breakfast?" Twilight asked.
"Umm…  just get me the usual; rolled oats and some carrot juice." Dash said.  
"Ok then."
Dash headed for the small cupboard nearby and pulled out a brush. She carefully combed her hair to get the tangles out, running a hoof through it to give it the distinctive spiky look that sometimes made her look a lot like a colt. After she was done, she quickly raced downstairs to get something to eat, her 'late night activities' with Twilight really made her hungry.
"Took your time eh?" Twilight said. She was already slowing eating her breakfast.
"Wow, that was quick." Dash said.
"Maybe you find it quick because you're not used me preparing you breakfast. After all, it's only been 2 days that you've been living with me."
"Yeah I guess… anyway I'm starving." Dash said, literally shoveling the oats into her mouth.
"So uh… Dash. What do you plan to do with your cloud home?" Twilight said, levitating her empty  bowl and cup to the sink.
"Well… I suppose we can't live there together so I've got to stay here. Maybe I'll sell it… we could use the cash."
"Wow Dash, for once you're being forward thinking." Twilight said.
"I try my best." Dash laughed, gulping down her carrot juice in one gulp. "Well, when do we leave?"
"Heh, hold your horses Dash, I still need to take a shower first. I mean, I smell horrible." Twilight said.
"You never smell horrible Twilight!" Dash walked up to Twilight, planting her muzzle into her silky mane. "You just smell like… oh… heheh…"
"Exactly, I can't walk into the hospital smelling like… well you know what. Anyway, I think you should too." Twilight said.
"Or…" Dash said, pausing dramatically. "We could have a shower together."
Twilight blushed.  "Oh… um sure, why not. I suppose we would get done faster that way."
"Let's go then!" Dash said, breaking off into a gallop for the bathroom."

"Darn it… darn it all…" Applejack walked slowly around in circles around the apple tree. The heat of the sun meant little to her at this point. "Rainbow Dash and Twilight? Oh come on… I met her first… it's just not fair."
"Problem sis?" came the monotone voice of Big Macintosh.
"It's nothing…" Applejack sulked away, refusing to let anyone comfort her.
"Don't seem like nothin' to me."
"You wouldn't be able to help anyway… oh… I can't believe all this…"
"Would it help if ya told me bout it?" Macintosh looked at her sadly, seeing the sorrow in her eyes.
"It's just… it's just… oh, Rainbow Dash is datin' Twilight… but I can't believe it. I was goin' for RD first! Heck, I've been tryin' for months. Just when I'm about to make mah move then this happens? T'ain't fair."
"Why not?  Is it Twilight's fault that Dash fell'n love with her? Just let it go."
"I can't! I just can't! Rainbow Dash should 've been mine ah' tell yah, mine!"  Big Macintosh could only shake his head at his sister outburst.
"Well if that's the way you're gon' be, suit yourself. If you can't move on and let life go on, you'll be stuck in yer' pain while the world goes on without you. " with that, the stallion walked away slowly, leaving the orange earth pony under the tree.
"Why? Why? Why?" Applejack cried out, the tears still coming down form her eyes.  

"Ms. Sparkle, you are next." called the voice of the aged hospital receptionist.  "The doctor will see you now for your ultrasound."
"It's time!" Twilight said, nudging Dash awake, who had fallen asleep on the bench.
"Ugh… about time." Dash got up to and stretched her legs a little before following Twilight down the flawlessly white hospital corridor.
"Here it is, room 14." Twilight said, opening the door.
"Ah, you must be Twilight Sparkle." Said the doctor; a slate blue unicorn with a mane greyed with age.
"Hello doctor, this is my um… friend. Rainbow Dash." Twilight said.
"Hello there! Nice to meet you." The doctor turned away for a brief moment to fix up the machine.  "This is some real advanced technology we have here! It's imported from the eggheads and pencil pushers over from Germaney who seem to be real good at these things." The doctor said.
"I read about it somewhere in that family planning guide book I have. They said it was highly recommended." Twilight said.
"Oh yes! Not only do we get to see the developing foal, but also some if it's a girl or a boy. Don't worry, it won't hurt one little bit! You see this crystal? It's a Vibratium Crystal, which is linked to this hyper-sensitive sheet of liquidized crystal. When I run an electric current through this crystal, it'll start to vibrate and give off an ultrasonic wave. You just lie here and I'll move it over your stomach and then, we should see an image on the liquid crystal display over there. Simple, and painless." The doctor rubbed his hooves together.  "Any questions? None? Ok then! Miss Twilight, if you'd just lie down here…"
Twilight did as she was told, lying onto the small bed.
"Now…" the doctor flipped a nearby switch, feeding the current to the crystal. It began to vibrate visibly in the doctor's hand. Carefully, he placed the rather flat crystal onto Twilight's stomach.
"This should take a few moments but we should see something soon…" The doctor said, pointing at the screen. At first there was nothing, but after several moments some lines began to form. The image was very rough at first but soon all the lines connected revealing a somewhat abstract looking picture.
"What does it mean doc?" Dash said, trying to make sense of the image.
"Hmm… you see this outer oval here? That's Twilight's uterus… and then right here should be the foal… let me take a closer look…" The doctor leaned in a little, scrutinizing the barely visible shapes in the center of the image. "Oh my… that's quite remarkable!" The doctor smiled. "Quite remarkable indeed!"
"What is it?" Twilight and Dash both asked in unison.
"If you look closely right here…  it's very small, but that's the head of the foal. You're a unicorn, so foals in the womb grow very rapidly. Anyway, now I noticed this little anomaly here… I thought it was just a double exposure but… I'm pretty sure it's another foal… so I don't know what to tell you but, congratulations Miss Sparkle, you've got twins on the way."
"Say what?" Dash said, her mouth hanging open in disbelief. "Twins you say?"
"Yes, twins! Two adorable little foals on their way in about…. Oh a week's time. Doesn't that make you  happy?" The doctor asked Twilight.
"I… I am! I couldn't be more happy in my life it's just that…" tears began to come from Twilight's eyes. "I never expected this! I mean… twins are so rare aren't they?"
"Oh quite… about 6-9 twin sets per 2000 live births. Equestria has some of the lowest twinning rates in the continent. You should count yourself lucky! We don't get twins around Ponyville very often. I'm sure you know about Mr. and Mrs. Cake's twin toddlers, yes? Eh, they're the last twins we've delivered here for quite some time. " The doctor said. "I'm sure the father will be very proud."
"Yeah… I'm sure the, father, will be quite pleased." Twilight said, looking at Dash from the corner of her eye.
"Well that's it, here's your receipt, just give this to the receptionist and pay the amount due. I'm so happy for you Miss Sparkle." The doctor said, grinning. "It's not often we have twins around here."
Dash put a hoof around Twilight, the two walking out of the doctor's office together.
"Wow, twins…" Dash said, unable to think of anything else to say.
"Yeah… it's hard to believe but it's true! Well, that's going to mean two foals to look after, and not just one."
"For you… I'll try my best." Dash said.
"Thanks…" Twilight said, the two heading to the counter.

Applejack walked along the road slowly, head lowered and going nowhere in particular. Big Macintosh spoke some truthful words, but at this point, no manner of consolation could really get her out from her misery.  Unknowingly, she had bumped into another pony on the road.
"Ouch, watch where you're… Applejack?" Applejack looked up to see a white unicorn looking down at her.
"Forgive me Rarity… I ah, didn't see ya there." Applejack said, dusting herself off.
"Whatever's the matter dear? You seem like you have an awful lot on your mind…"
"Ugh… it's that thing!" Applejack said.
"What… thing?" Rarity asked.
"It's… it's that thing with Rainbow Dash."
"Oh, still thinking about that? Oh, get over it. While I certainly don't like it myself, if they're happy, I guess that's ok. Why should we stop them from being happy just because we don't like what they're doing? It's not fair to them, and they're out friends after all." Rarity said. "You really should lighten up Applejack."
"It's… it's hard ok! It's really, really hard. You know why? Because… I hope you don't look down on me or nothin' but…"
"Go on, just tell me. I'll understand. "
"It's just that, well I liked Rainbow Dash! I liked her first. And we've known each other for longer! I mean, she just knew Twilight for a year and a half and now here they are? I mean, it's not fair…"
"Well, why didn't you do something sooner? Is it really the girl's fault that Rainbow Dash has feelings for her? Come Applejack, be reasonable. "
"It's like your blaming me for it!" Applejack said, almost shouting. The tears were coming down from her eyes now, the pain she had felt just couldn't contain itself anymore.
"Well what can we do dear? Getting angry at them won't solve anything. Now I know how you must feel, but that's just the way life is. It isn't all cheery roses all the way through… now, to let you in on a secret I always admired Twilight myself. Her skill with magic, intelligence and youthful energy. She's only 19 you know. And well, to be honest I'd be lying if I wasn't a little bit jealous that our friend Rainbow Dash was dating her, oh,  Dash must be so lucky. But you know, I begin to realize jealousy won't do me any good." Rarity said, putting a comforting hoof around Applejack. "As a wise pony once said, jealousy is the only vice that brings no pleasure."
"I… well… but… ugh…" Applejack drooped her head.
"Come on dear, let's not do this out here in the public. Let's go over to my place and I can fix you a cup of tea. It does the soul good." Rarity said, slowly ushering Applejack off the main road and toward the Carousel Boutique.

"Wow this is so exciting…" Fluttershy said. "Twins? That's fantastic! I hear they're quite uncommon."
"Yeah! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!" Twilight said.
"Well, I think I might have something nice that you can take." Fluttershy retreated into her cottage for a brief moment, returning with a bottle full of dark green leaves. "This is a very special tea leaf. It's got a lot of healthy properties, perfect for expectant mothers like yourself."
"Wow, thanks a lot. I'm going to need all the help I can get."
"Especially me…" Dash said. "Looking after two foals sounds like hard work."
"Oh don't worry, I'll be sure to come around and help, and I'm sure Pinkie will be very eager to help you out as well. We're all here to help." Fluttershy said.
"Thanks. We're actually off to see her right now." Twilight said.
"Oh, well, you know where to find here. Well, goodbye you two. And Dash, take very good care of Twilight, pregnant mares are very um… sensitive."
"Don't worry Fluttershy, trust me." Dash said, planting a quick kiss on Twilight's cheek.  "She's in good hooves! Come on future wife, let's go see Pinkie Pie."

"Feeling better?" Rarity said, taking a sip from her tea.
"I just don't know anymore…" Applejack said.
"Oh don't be that way… look on the bright side things. I'm sure you'll find someone for you."
"But I just can't…"
"Ugh, there you go again. Yes, yes you can live without Rainbow Dash! It's not a matter of life and death. I know you must feel like the unluckiest mare in the world right now, but trust me, things are only as bad make them out to be." Rarity said, embracing Applejack. "You just need to be strong."
"I used to think that I was strong… until the day it all went wrong." Applejack began to sulk again.
"Now, now… I thought the Apple family were a strong bunch?" Rarity said.
"I… I guess…"
"I can understand if you need time to get over it, oh, love hurts so much. I would know. But time heals all wounds, believe me. " Rarity gently patted Applejack's back. "Don't be so bitter. Smile! Life is beautiful."
"I… I appreciate all your help Rarity." Applejack finally was able to stand up straight.  "It's getting late, and I think I ought to be heading back to the farm to help get dinner ready."
"I'm glad I could help you out. If you ever feel bad, just come see me. I'm always ready to help in any way I can." Rarity said, giving the earth pony a sincere smile.
Applejack nodded, and galloped off into the distance. As she did, she knew in her heart she still felt so hurt, so bitter, so painful… yet there was something deep down in her broken heart. Something different. Something that was chipping at the wall of sorrow that consumed her… a tiny spark of something… new.

"Oh my goshness! Not one, but two cute little baby foals on their way? I'm so, so, so super-duper excited! I've never been so excited in my whole entire life! This tops everything! Well, except for maybe a swimming pool made of chocolate, but still! I'm so happy for you Twilight!" Pinkie was literally off the wall with excitement; leaping from corner to corner of the room.  
"I'm glad you're happy about it!" Twilight said.
"I'm more than happy, I'm happy times a gazillion! Wow Twilight this is so amazing!"
"Yes Pinkie, we know. I think you've said that a hundred times already." Dash said dryly.
"Oh lighten up Dash, she's just excited." Twilight said, prodding Dash playfully.
"Yeah I guess! I'm just… well stressed." Dash said.
"Oh don't be stressed, that's what our friends are for! They're here to help us." Twilight said. "You should be grateful we have such kind friends like Pinkie and Fluttershy."
"I am, and I appreciate their help! No doubt about it."
"You think too much." Twilight laughed.
"So… how long till they're born?"
"Well, the doctor said in one week." Twilight said.
" That's great! I'd love to be there for it!" Pinkie said.
"Sure Pinkie! I want to make sure all our friends can be there, if possible. I mean, if it's just you and Fluttershy that'd be okay too but still...."
"I know what you mean. " Pinkie said. "But I'll be there for sure!"
"Thanks Pinkie." Twilight said. "It's nice to have friends who are ready to help."
"Oh, it's no problem Twilight!" Pinkie smiled. "You know me, I love to help my friends."
"Anyway Pinkie, since you work at Sugarcube Corner, do you think they'd be able to cater for… oh I don't know… a wedding?" Twilight asked.
"Oh wow, so soon? Well, I'd have to ask  Mr. and Mrs. Cake. I'm pretty sure they could do something nice and small!" Pinkie said.
"A wedding? Already? Wouldn't you rather wait until after you've given birth? I mean… it's going to be so stressful…" Dash said nervously.
"Oh Dash, no need to worry so much about it. It's not going to be a grand ceremony or anything.  It's Monday today, so maybe… Wednesday would be a good time. I'll probably ask Pinkie and Fluttershy to come. Mom and dad moved to New Saddle a long time ago, so I doubt they can make it in any case. What about you Dash? Who will you invite to our wedding?"
"Oh me… well… uh…" Dash looked around. "Well my mom passed away when I was very young and my father died a couple years ago… all my extended family live far away so I… well if you don't mind me bringing her…"
"Oh… I didn't know… I'm sorry." Twilight said sadly.
"It's ok nevermind…" Dash said.
"Well if you say so… anyway, who was it you wanted to bring?" Twilight asked.
"An old friend…" Dash replied.
Cover Art by: :iconaeroytechyon-x:

EDIT: Fixed some continuity issues, cause I'd rather edit a previous chapter then rewrite an entire section to fit a plot element I included in Chapter 4. HERPA DERP

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And anyway, I notice that in a lot of TwiDash fics, RariJack is very prevalent. I've read at least two stories of TwiDash that also involved RariJack.
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